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Your Water and Mold Damage Claim and Florida Insurance Companies

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You took the family on a trip to WallyWorld and made a fantastic vacation out of it. Everyone got along and you created amazing memories. But upon arriving back at your home in Boca Raton, you walk into a house filled with water!  Oh no, your main water pipes burst while you were away! And since you were gone for so long, your house has not only suffered water damage, but ripe for mold issues as well!

So you call your insurance company, and they send out an adjuster to review the damage caused by the water leak. On the recommendation of a friend, you also call a mold remediation company like our team here at Restoration Xperts that specializes in dealing with situations like this.

Regardless of how warm and fuzzy the insurance company ads and slogans may be, at the end of the day, they are in business to make money.  This makes common sense and we all know it…or we should. 

The insurance company is likely to deny your water and mold damage claim, hoping that you as a typical South Florida homeowner will think they lost and walk away, or may send a check directly to you as the homeowner which is often a lower amount than what the actual value of the repairs/replacements will be. Many times, these insurance carriers will make the checks out to the homeowners only, but the correct standard practice is to also make the mortgage company a “named insured” as well. 

Legally, Florida insurance carriers are supposed to add the lien holders’ names to the check so that all interested parties are on the same page about the damage, repair and recovery.  However, if this check was to somehow arrive in the homeowner’s hand, with no one else required to sign off on it…well, that might tempt the homeowner to endorse that check, go cheap on the repairs and pocket the rest.  Tempting? Yes. Unethical? Completely!

Did you know it is illegal to make a profit on an insurance claim in Florida?  These claim values are calculated by all parties to ensure that the property is fixed, which should satisfy the lien holder, the insurance company and the homeowner! 

All of this could and should be easily avoided by calling the company that will go above and beyond to restore your property to it’s original condition before the flood, mold or other damage and ensure your ethics remain intact. Ralph and the team at Restoration Xperts have been doing just that since 1997 in South Florida and their reputation is unparalleled as is their experience.

From Davie to Delray Beach and from Deerfield Beach to West Palm, when disaster strikes, Restoration Xperts is the only company you’ll need. Contact us at our Deerfield Beach office for a free inspection!

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State Licensed Mold Remediation Company #: MRSR 383
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