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Types of Mold

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Types of Mold

If you have mold damage in your South Florida home it is most likely from one of the following types of mold. Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called ‘hyphae’. Molds cause biodegradation of natural materials, necessary in nature but unwanted when it causes damage to your home, business location or other Florida property. Certain mold types can cause diseases in animals and humans. These diseases may result from allergic sensitivity to mold spores from growth of pathogenic molds within the body or from the effects of ingested or inhaled toxic compounds ( mycotoxins ) produced by molds. Contact our team if you need help with removal or remediation today!

Types of Mold Found in South Florida


These are a plant pathogen found in soil and decomposing plant material. Not typically found growing indoors. One species has been determined to be an allergen.


These are a very large group of spores that are found everywhere in nature. They are commonly found outdoors and associated with rain and moisture. Some species grow well indoors on damp materials. Ascospores have allergenic potential, however, it is species dependent.


Indoors they are typically found under very wet conditions. Some places they can be found are dust in carpet and mattresses, damp walls, wallpaper, and duct liner. They are a potential allergen causing hay fever and asthma effects.


These are typically found indoors growing on water damaged cellulose containing building materials such as sheetrock, paper, and ceiling tiles. They are often referred to as “toxic black mold.” They have the ability to produce mycotoxins which may cause a burning sensation in the mouth, throat, and nasal passages. Chronic exposure has been known to cause headaches, diarrhea, memory loss, and brain damage.


These are a plant pathogen typically found growing on vegetation particularly in temperate and subtropical climates. Indoors they can be found growing on plants. They are a potential allergen causing hay fever and asthma effects.


These are typically found indoors on water damaged cellulose containing materials such as paper, sheetrock, and wallpaper. Not well studied but possible allergen with hay fever and asthma effects.


One of the most common genera in both the indoor and outdoor environments. Indoors they grow well in damp environments and areas where condensation builds. They are often found on textiles, window sills, in bathrooms, and A/C systems. They are a common allergen when airborne.


These are two of the most common genera in the world. They can be found everywhere in nature, both indoors and outdoors. Indoors they can be found on water damaged wallpaper, carpet, and other organic materials. They can also grow well in conditions of high humidity. Many species are allergens and a common cause of respiratory irritation. Some species are human and animal pathogens and can cause infection.


These are primarily comprised of mushrooms and shelf fungi. They are typically found outdoors. Occasionally they are found indoors growing on any organic matter causing dry rot. Some species can be an allergen to sensitive individuals.


These are a plant pathogen typically found outdoors on grasses, grains, and decaying food. Indoors they can be found on plants and building materials. They are an allergen that can affect the nose, skin, eyes and upper respiratory track.

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  • I recently had a flood/hot water heater burst at my home. Restoration Xperts came emergently to my home and helped me every step of the way. Steve, Scott and Willy were extremely professional. I would absolutely use this company again.
    Melissa Ippolito
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  • John and Pedro were extremely professional and their customer service was outstanding. We were thoroughly explained the process of the mold and water remediation. Continued success to these employees. Doug Eden has been super outstanding with updates and follow ups.
    Georgia Bazos
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  • Pedro John, and Manny came out to my house to perform water mitigation after a flood with my HVAC system. They were quick, reliable, and removed all of the water from my house in a timely manner (they also checked for mold but luckily we had none). I was very pleased with their services and would happily recommend them in the future.
    Sean Lehockey
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