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Water Cleanup

Before you can repair and restore after water damage, you’ve got to clean up the mess.

There are two parts to this. It starts with cleaning up the water, but then you also have to clean up the debris and any items that were affected by the water. Water can come from several different issues.

You might need water cleanup or water damage restoration from a burst pipe.

Or perhaps you’ve been the victim of flooding or a tropical storm.

When it comes to cleaning up the water and the mess it leaves behind, we can help.


A lot of people immediately think of flooding and floodwaters when they hear about water damage or water cleanup. The thing is, there are far more causes of water damage, and most of them are more common than these. The most common cause of water damage to a home is a burst or leaking pipe. Sometimes these things cause silent damage, and you don’t even realize there is a problem until suddenly it is a big problem. Here are some of the most common causes of water damage:

  • Burst pipes
  • Leaky pipes
  • Faulty appliances
  • Appliances in disrepair
  • Clogged sewage lines
  • Flooding-related water
  • Clogged toilets and drains
  • HVAC moisture
  • Gutters or downspouts that need to be cleaned out

With some of these things, there may be ways to be proactive to prevent water damage. However, sometimes things just happen. When they do, you need the Xperts to help you clean up the mess.


Water can do a lot of damage. It’s not just one thing or one piece of the puzzle that is damaged in most cases. The damage can be extensive. Water is a destructive enemy when it strikes in your home or business. Take a look at this quick review of just what kind of damage you might expect from water:

  • Flooring such as carpet, laminate, and vinyl often never recovers from water damage. These most likely will have to be replaced completely, with the exception of rugs that might be able to be cleaned and dried
  • Particleboard tends to bow and weaken from water. It might even start falling apart
  • Solid wood may hold up better than some things, but water damage could warp it, crack it, or even discolor and stain the wood. This is common of both wooden furniture and flooring
  • Plaster takes forever to dry. However, after it dries, it might be salvageable. Your estimator will need to look for cracking and warping to know for sure
  • Wallboard or drywall soaks up water, which in turn makes it weak and fragile. It could cause it to crumble and potentially even hold water long after the fact
  • Insulation damage will depend on the insulation. Foam boards might be able to be dried and cleaned and reused. However, fiberglass installation will have to be replaced completely, as will blown-in insulation
  • Framing materials like wood studs need to be thoroughly inspected. These are sturdier and more solid materials that may still be solid after they have been dried completely. They will need dried and disinfected to be safe
  • Appliances and furniture are hit and miss, depending on how much water damage they took in. In most cases, the water damage will render them useless and require removal and replacement.
  • HVAC systems can take in water when flooding occurs. If the system takes on water, it could be damaged. At the very least, it will need to be cleaned by a professional. All duct systems will need to be inspected as well.


Water never schedules its approach. While that would certainly make our lives so much easier, it’s simply not realistic.

That’s why we have a 24/7 emergency response team for water damage, as well as many other emergency services for damage and restoration. When water strikes, you will always get a live person – no matter when you call.


We’re happy to help you with the entire process. Cleaning up and extracting the water is the first step, but there is still much to do after that has been handled.

We can help with the restoration process and navigate what that looks like. Restoration could include cleaning and disinfection, preparing for mold removal, and restoring your space to its original beauty.

It will be as good as new when we finish!


We are a team made up of people who care about your needs. Our customers are treated with respect and kindness from the moment you call until long after the job is done! President Ralph Pokorny started Restoration Xperts in 1997, and we’ve been proudly serving the South Florida community ever since. Our team is trained and licensed in full-service general contracting. We specialize in water, fire, smoke, wind, and mold damage at both residential and commercial sites. We are located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and proudly serve all of South Florida, including:

  • Deerfield Beach
  • Delray Beach
  • Coral Springs
  • Hillsboro Beach
  • Boca Raton

Our facility in Deerfield Beach is 10,000 square feet. We have space for on-site contact cleaning, as well as restoration vaults.

Our Reviews

  • I recently had a flood/hot water heater burst at my home. Restoration Xperts came emergently to my home and helped me every step of the way. Steve, Scott and Willy were extremely professional. I would absolutely use this company again.
    Melissa Ippolito
    Google review
  • John and Pedro were extremely professional and their customer service was outstanding. We were thoroughly explained the process of the mold and water remediation. Continued success to these employees. Doug Eden has been super outstanding with updates and follow ups.
    Georgia Bazos
    Google review
  • Pedro John, and Manny came out to my house to perform water mitigation after a flood with my HVAC system. They were quick, reliable, and removed all of the water from my house in a timely manner (they also checked for mold but luckily we had none). I was very pleased with their services and would happily recommend them in the future.
    Sean Lehockey
    Google review

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Our services

We offer a variety of services. Most of our services are directly related to water, fire, and wind, but this includes a vast array of capabilities,
Structural repair
Water extraction/water removal
fire clean up
Smoke clean-up
Order removal
carpet cleaning
new carpet
mold remediation
pack out
wind damage repairs
temporary repairs
insurance claim handling
Restoration xperts

Serving South Florida

We serve all of South Florida for your water cleanup and water damage needs. This includes the following areas as well as surrounding cities:

  • Deerfield Beach
  • Boca Raton
  • Delray Beach
  • Coral Springs
  • Hillsboro Beach

Just give us a call and let us know how we can help serve you! Remember that we have 24/7 emergency response teams to help any time.

In addition, we will complete an inspection and estimate for free as a service to you. When you choose to use our services, our insurance claims department will help navigate that challenge for you as well.

Here is our contact information.

1130 S. Powerline Rd, Ste 101
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Phone: 561.405.9068

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Our service areas

We serve all of South Florida. These cities are some of the most common cities we have worked in.
We are not limited to these cities alone, we are available to all of South Florida for your damage, cleanup, and restoration needs.
1100 S. Powerline Road, Suite 106
Deerfield Beach · Florida · 33442
(561) 405-9068
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