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What Kind of Damage Does High Wind Cause?

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If you're in any area that faces tropical storms or other severe weather, then you likely already know that wind can be incredibly damaging. Wind damage restoration tackles wind damage like blown-over signs or trees to much heavier damage, like a missing roof or broken windows.

Wind can cause catastrophic damages in some cases. Take a look at some of these examples of what types of damage wind may cause.

What is Considered Damaging Wind?

For some of us, wind is a normal part of life. Plains states are used to wind. In the Midwest, it's not uncommon to have winds every day that are 10-20 MPH. So what constitutes potentially-damaging wind?

One common term is 'straight-line winds.' These winds are some of the most damaging. However, a heavy wind gust could certainly do some damage as well. Most of the time, you have a higher risk of damage with any wind that is over 50 MPH. Wind is actually a bigger source of damage across the US than tornadoes because wind is more frequent.

Here are some of the common damage types you might experience.

Roof Damage

Our roofs are designed to protect us from the elements. However, they can have some weaknesses. When heavy wind gusts come through, they could dislodge shingles or even heavily damage the roof. In some cases, depending on the strength of the wind and how it hits the roof, it might actually dismantle a whole section.

When you deal with roof damage, you will want to get that taken care of as quickly as possible. The damage leaves your home exposed to the elements. If it might take some time, get a temporary patch, use a weatherproof tarp, or board up the space until it can be repaired.

Broken Windows

Another common side effect of wind is broken windows. There are times the wind itself might be able to break your windows. This is why areas with hurricanes and tropical storms often board up the windows when a storm is coming.

In many cases, broken windows are caused by something blowing into them, like a tree branch or lawn furniture. One way to be proactive about this is to keep trees trimmed the best that you can and secure outdoor items when wind is expected.

Water Damage

When the wind damages your home, this could also lead to other forms of damage. The problem is that the wind leaves your home exposed to other elements. For example, if you lose a part of your roof, this leaves your home open to the rain. This could potentially lead to water damage if not handled immediately.

Wind Damage Restoration

None of us want to deal with wind damage, but it does happen. If you or someone you know has been hit by wind, Restoration Xperts can help! Give us a call right away. We can secure your home and work with you through the restoration process.

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