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How to Tell If Your Home Has Water Damage

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Typically, when water damage is present in a home, it will most likely be noticeable. However, it’s not always clear if you aren’t really sure what you should be looking for. 

Check out these tips to tell if your home might have water damage. 

Paint is Flaking, Cracking, or Bubbling

A pretty obvious sign that water might have left its mark behind is your paint acting in ways it’s not supposed to. If you notice things like flaking, bubbling, or even cracking paint, this is a pretty sure sign that water has damaged or is currently damaging the area. 

Sometimes, this may be a simple fix like a leak or even just unexpected moisture. However, it also could be a sign of a bigger problem. If you notice bubbling, flaking, or cracking of the paint, go ahead and inspect further or bring in an expert to do some inspecting on your behalf. 

Spots That Appear Dark or Wet

Have you seen that spot in the corner that looks like it’s turning brown? Maybe it even looks like it is wet. If you’re seeing a spot or even multiple spots like that, then most likely there is water damage behind the spot. 

Discoloration is a telltale sign of leaking water somewhere that is seeping its way into the discolored area. Once again, this may be from a leak that just needs to be fixed, or it could be a sign that you need to take quick action to solve a bigger problem. 

When flooding or a burst pipe has occurred, this discoloration could be on a large scale, but it definitely shows water has damaged the area. 


Mold thrives and grows in damp and humid environments. When mold is present, it is a form of water damage. This could happen from any type of water. It could be a leak, it could be a burst pipe, or it could be remnants of flooding. 

If water has damaged your home in any way, mold needs to be handled quickly so that it doesn’t spread or lead to health problems for those inside the home. 

If you find mold, you should bring in a trained professional who has the appropriate equipment to handle mold safely. 

Musty or Damp Odors

Another sign that water damage might be present is an odor that smells damp or perhaps even musty. These odors are a telltale sign that water has been present in the area or is lurking somewhere and needs to be handled. 

Again, if you’ve experienced a water emergency, the odor could be remnants of that, but it also is a sign that water damage has occurred that needs to be handled. It could also be a telltale sign of mold or remaining water as well. 

Professional Water Damage Services

If you suspect or know that you have water damage in your home, Restoration Xperts can help. Our staff works with all sorts of water cleanup and restoration, including mold remediation. Give us a call - we’re here to help! 

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