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DIY Mold Removal - Is It a Good Idea?

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A lot of people think when they have mold in their home, they can just handle their own mold removal. Some people will spray on some Kilz and call it good, while others might remove the immediately affected area that they see.

While there are times where you might actually be able to tackle the mold on your own, it's really better to bring in the professionals. There are several reasons for this.

Complete Mold Removal

One of the downfalls of tackling remediation or removal on your own is that you simply might not get it all. Professional companies are trained to help pinpoint and spot where mold may have spread beyond the immediate visual area.

While you might think mold is localized to just one spot, you may be missing the mold hiding just around the corner or on the next wall. A professional company can inspect, test, and determine the entire span of the mold.

The truth of the matter is that you really should only try to tackle mold on your own when it's found in small portions in places like your kitchen or bathroom, where you just might need a deep cleaning.

Safety Concerns

When it comes to DIY mold removal, there are concerns about your safety. Removing these substances requires training, ventilation, and specific containment.

Did you know that if you just choose to go it alone, you might actually cause the problem to spread?

Here's the thing. Those mold spores attached to materials could fall off or float in the air and then just attach somewhere else.

When a professional comes in, they inspect the area and plan for treatment and removal. They will also go through the steps to contain and prevent spreading.

Professionals have the appropriate training to do this and keep you safe.

In addition to preventing the spread, you can also count on a professional company to have undergone specific training to receive certification to handle mold. They are trained to do it right.

These companies will always use proper safety gear. They will properly ventilate the area in question. When the task is complete, they clean up to dispose of any spores that may have tried to escape.

Safety isn't just about wearing protective gear. It's about safely removing the mold. This includes using the proper gear, reducing further contamination, and fully disinfecting any potentially affected areas as well.

Stick to Professional Help

So when you ask whether or not DIY mold removal is a good idea, the answer is "probably not." While you might be able to handle a small area, such as in your bathroom or kitchen, you should never try to handle anything major on your own.

If you or someone you know needs some help with mold, the Restoration Xperts are here to help. Give us a call and let us safely and efficiently handle all of your mold-related needs. We've got you covered!

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