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How Do Damage Restoration Experts Help?

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If you’re facing a situation that needs damage control and restoration, you need damage restoration experts on your side. Maybe you’ve recently experienced some form of unexpected damage to your home or business, and you’re curious whether or not a team can even help your situation. 

Let’s take a few moments to learn how Damage Restoration Xperts might be able to help you when you need it most! 

Water Damage

Water damage is probably one of the leading causes of damage to most homes and businesses. And we’re not just talking about damage from flooding or Mother Nature here. 

Water damage can come from a lot of different things. It could be from excessive rain, a tropical storm, or flooding. However, water damage can also occur from things like sewer backups, failed sump pumps, burst pipes, and other unexpected water situations. 

This is one area where we can help. From emergencies to extraction and then cleanup and restoration, trust a restoration company to have your back. 

Fire Damage

Fires are awful but they do happen. They are generally accidents, but they wreak terrible havoc when they occur. 

Not only do you have the damage caused directly by the flames, but you also have to worry about damage from smoke and soot as well. Cleaning up and restoring after fire damage is very challenging, and EVERYTHING is affected by the odor. 

A restoration expert might be able to help with fire damage, including cleanup, odor removal, and restoration. 

Mold Treatment

Most damage restoration experts can also work with mold. This will depend on the company, as mold requires specific certification and safety protocols to handle. However, if you are facing mold, a restoration company is the place to start. 

Let them test, inspect, remediate, and then help with any required restoration as well. They are the experts, and they are trained to remove and remediate mold in the safest manner possible for everyone involved. 

Covid Disinfection and Cleaning

With the pandemic seemingly nowhere near ending, every business and home has to consider keeping their locations disinfected and sanitized for everyone’s safety. Many restoration experts have added Covid cleaning and disinfection to their list of specialties. 

Cleaning might include strategic cleaning with EPA-approved chemicals and disinfectants, but it may also involve routine cleaning or even fogging services when necessary. Check with your restoration experts to see if they can help. 

Give Restoration Xperts a Call

All of the things listed here are damages that Restoration Xperts may be able to handle. Our office offers 24/7 emergency services with a rapid response plan when you are in need. 

If you need restoration or cleaning services, don’t wait any longer. We’re here to help and we will do everything we can to work quickly and professionally to get your restoration needs resolved. 

We even offer a free inspection before you agree to service. 

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