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What Do Damage Restoration Experts Do in Deerfield Beach?

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Damage restoration is a broad category, and the experts that come in to help with these services might do different things based on their company, their expertise, and even their location. So what exactly do damage restoration experts do in Deerfield Beach? 

Here are a few things you can expect! 

Water Damage

In Deerfield Beach, one common need for a damage restoration expert might be water damage. These services are vast and can relate to a single incident like a water leak or a burst pipe in the home, but they can also relate to things like wind damage or tropical storms. 

Water damage restoration includes extracting water, helping with cleanup, and then working through the restoration process. Professionals are trained and skilled in working safely in these settings to help you get your home or business back to normal after something occurs. 

Fire Damage

Damage restoration experts in Deerfield Beach might also be able to help in the event of fire damage. 

Fires can occur anywhere at any time, and they leave behind awful damage that extends far beyond just the fire itself. Your home or business might experience extensive smoke damage as well as soot, and then you also have to contend with the odor. 

A restoration expert can help with the cleaning, the odor, and the restoration process when fire damage occurs. 

Mold Remediation and Restoration

One major situation that a restoration professional in Deerfield Beach might handle would be mold. Florida is a humid place, so there is a lot of moisture in the air. Moisture, paired with spores, can easily lead to mold just about anywhere. 

Add in the possibility of water damage and you’ve got a recipe for mold growth. Granted, no water damage has to occur for mold to take place, but that is one of the most likely scenarios. 

Handling mold requires specific safety protocols and certifications. It is vital that the professional be skilled and trained to work with mold and to do so safely. 

In most cases, the same professional that assesses mold cannot perform remediation on that same project. A remediator can treat or remove mold and restore the affected area as needed. 

Covid-19 Cleaning Services

With the pandemic becoming a major part of our lives, many restoration companies have added skills for cleaning and disinfection services specifically related to Covid-19. 

Not every company will offer these services in Deerfield Beach. If you find yourself needing cleaning, disinfecting, or even fogging because of Covid-19, you should definitely consider this option. 

This is a step above typical cleaning, with appropriate disinfecting cleaners and all of the proper safety protocols are in place as well. 

Find Damage Restoration Experts in Deerfield Beach

If you find yourself in a position where you might need an expert to help with any of these services, give us a call. Restoration Xperts serves Deerfield Beach and surrounding areas in Florida. We are here to help you in your time of need!

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