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4 Tips for a Water Damage Emergency

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A water emergency often means water damage cleanup is going to be needed. When water strikes, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the little things to help avoid further damage. 

Check out these 4 tips for dealing with that water damage emergency. 

Move Quickly

The faster you can move to handle things, the better off you will be. Moving quickly might save your belongings, and it might also help mitigate the damage. If a pipe bursts or you suddenly have a significant leak, get the water shut off right away. 

Once you get the water shut off, this should at least stop the water from coming in. Then, you can assess what’s next. Moving quickly also means getting things out of the water, and probably turning off the electricity for a bit as well. 

Of course, cleaning up the water and restoring any damage shouldn’t be put off either. Basically, moving quickly from the time the emergency occurs until things are restored is critical. 

Keep Safety in Mind

It might seem like nothing to just walk into puddles or standing water left behind from your water emergency. The truth is that you need to be very careful about entering that water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few puddles or a few inches. You’ve got to think about safety. 

For example, what about electricity? Are there any electrical appliances or outlets that are in the water? If so, you may need to wait. You should also have an electrician help turn off the electricity to avoid shock risks. 

Another safety element involves your health. There could be bacteria or other contamination because of the water. Using things like gloves and rubber boots can help protect you from exposure. 

Call for Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Using a professional to help with water damage cleanup can be very beneficial. Professionals are trained to handle a variety of scenarios. Most of them can help you dry out the space, clean up from the damage, and then restore the area as well. 

You shouldn’t plan to do this alone. When it comes to things like mold to safety and everything in between, professionals are trained to handle these scenarios. 

Mind Mold Potential

Where water strikes, there is always the potential for mold. This is just another reason to bring in a professional. Mold could be hidden and hard to recognize. It also could have spread much farther than just an immediately visible area. 

If water was in one place for any length of time, it is likely that mold could be a problem. However, quick cleanup and restoration can mitigate this issue. 

Professional Services

If you are facing a water emergency, Restoration Xperts is here to help. Our experts are trained to support you from the start of your water emergency until your home is back to its original condition. 

Our emergency hotline is always available. When your emergency strikes, give us a call. 

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