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3 Tips to Protect Your Pipes and Prevent Mishaps

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When it comes to water damage, there are certain things that you can do to be proactive. If you take the steps to protect your pipes as much as possible, you can potentially prevent mishaps. This includes frozen pipes and burst pipes.

Now some things do happen without warning. However, if you follow these 3 tips, your pipes are much less likely to have a mishap.

Check out these tips!

Insulate Your Pipes

If you are concerned about pipes freezing in the winter, you can insulate them. This is a simple but effective way to protect pipes from the cold. This can be great for old houses or places where the pipes just might get too cold.

Pipes can be insulated anywhere that they exist. This includes plumbing under the house, or even exposed pipes within the home. If you can reach it, you can insulate it. There is pipe insulation available for this purpose and it's not terribly challenging to put on. You just have to make the time to do so.

Regularly Maintain Pipes

Pipes have to be maintained. While they are designed to last many years, they can wear down over time. For proper maintenance, you should routinely check pipes for things like leaks, cracks, or even breaks in the line. Being proactive about fixing leaks might just save your home from major water damage.

When it comes to pipe maintenance, you don't have to be an expert. You just need to be proactive about looking for leaks or even signs that damage is occurring. This is your sign to take action. You can fix leaks on your own, or you can call in a professional if you are unsure of how to do so correctly.

Try Heat Tape

Heat tape is another solution made to help prevent pipes from freezing. There is more than one option for heat tape. You can buy controlled heating pads for your pipes that have a thermostat and cables. You can also buy heat tape that is designed to improve heating insulation. It's almost like a blanket.

Heat tape isn't really designed for all over. While insulation can be applied across the entire length of pipe, heat tape is really meant to heat small sections. You might apply heat tape under your sink where cold air comes through. Some heat tape turns on and off automatically, while others require your monitoring.

If you choose to use heat tape, familiarize yourself with how to best use it effectively and safely.

Water Damage Restoration

If you do have a water damage mishap, there is always help available. Restoration Xperts has a team on hand at all times just in case a water emergency strikes. Our teams can be anywhere in the South Florida region within a 90-minute span. Our lines are open to you 24/7, not just during normal business hours.

Don't face those water emergencies on your own. We are here to help. Our skilled teams can help get the water cleaned up, remediate damage, and restore the space.

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