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What Does Water Damage Do To Your Home?

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When it comes to dealing with water damage, there is far more than just cleaning up some water. The truth is that water can wreak havoc on a home and it often leaves behind damage to multiple parts of the home, as well as your belongings.

Have you ever been curious about just what water damage can do to a home? Here are some common things you might experience.

Structural Damage

Water can affect the structure of your home. When it comes in, it impacts every little thing it touches. If it happens to touch your floors and your walls (and we're guessing it did), there's a chance that the water will damage the structural integrity of your home.

Some of this might depend on how extensive the water damage was and how quickly the water was removed from the home. However, even if water is removed quickly, there still might be structural repairs that have to be made to restore your home.

The extent of foundational and structural damage will depend on how much water there was and how quickly it was removed.

Mold Growth

With water comes mold. While water damage doesn't automatically mean you will have mold damage, it's highly possible. Mold only needs about 24-48 hours to start growing. If your water damage isn't treated within that time frame, you are likely to eventually have mold from the damage.

The thing is that mold spores are everywhere. A little bit of water is all they need to start taking up residence. Once they get that water, they can flourish and grow. This will lead to potential mold damage on top of the water damage.

Personal Belongings

Water doesn't just damage your home. It will reach as far as it has the opportunity to reach. Chances are you will have furniture, flooring, appliances, and other personal belongings affected by the water. This is yet another way that water can damage your home.

While there are times that some of your belongings and things can be restored or repaired, there are also many times that water can cause some of these things to be destroyed. It can take a lot of work to sort through the items and figure out what is repairable and what is a complete loss.

Unfortunately, water damage can also lead to the loss of important things that simply can't be replaced.


Finally, water damage can cause odors. Water can leave behind musty or wet smells that are definitely not pleasant. While these odors can mostly be taken care of by restoration, they may still be an issue. In fact, it might even be a musty odor in your home that actually alerts you to a problem. However, the odors are typically gone when repairs and restoration are complete.

Water Damage Restoration

If you've experienced water damage, Restoration Xperts can help. Our teams are on call 24/7 to help you handle your water emergencies. We will be by your side every step of the way. From your initial water problem until your home is back to its original beauty, we've got you covered.

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