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Water Damage Restoration is Not a DIY Project

Reasons for Choosing a Professional Restoration Company after leaks and floods.

Water damage to your South Florida home is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether the damage is from a flood caused by a severe storm or hurricane, a broken pipe, a leaky roof or an overflowing sink or toilet, water can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time.

A lot of Broward and Palm Beach County homeowners think that simply attempting to dry out the moisture is enough and is something they can do themselves. But consider the following before you try DIY restoration.

The truth is that water damage restoration requires professional intervention. The following are some reasons South Florida homeowners should hire an experienced, professional restoration company like Restoration Xperts in Deerfield Beach.

Removing Water and Moisture From Your House

Safety is one of the primary reasons why homeowners shouldn’t attempt flood mitigation and moisture removal themselves. As soon as things are soaked, the clock is ticking on mold spore formation.

If your flooding is caused by a storm, you’ll need someone who knows how to safely isolate the source of the problem and mitigate it and remove the damage and then restore the house before more damage is done and before the mold starts. There are professional licenses involved and city permits as well.

There’s also the risk of electrocution if the water gets near outlets or electrical equipment. A restoration service will be able to safely turn on and off the power and the water at the right times. It’s not something that the average homeowner should attempt.

Further, if you have a black water (sewage) flood, then you’re looking at water that’s highly toxic and filled with pathogens. Black water requires special equipment, personal protective equipment, and aggressive sanitation techniques to prevent the spread of pathogens. Licensed restoration companies go through rigorous training to learn all about the types of mold and belong to professional associations such as the IICRC that set standards and provide ongoing certification to restoration industry contractors.

Drying Out Your House Takes Specialized Equipment

A couple of house fans simply won’t be enough to dry out the flooded areas of your house. Professional restoration services have specialized drying equipment to rid the property of standing water that homeowners don’t usually have access to and aren’t trained to use. Moisture extraction, dehumidification, air scrubbing and evaporative drying equipment are all necessary pieces of equipment and each requires specialized training to operate properly. The clock is ticking as soon as everything is wet so it is important to use these super high-powered fans and dehumidifiers which can do a much more thorough job than amateur and DIY attempts using towels and comfort fans.

Further, water can seep into the smallest nooks and crannies of your house. If the water damage is extensive enough, the drywall will need to be removed and thrown out to prevent mold. Finally, any wet furniture will also need to be thrown out because the wood and fabrics will absorb too much water to fully dry.

Mold Remediation Must Start Immediately

One of the biggest threats from water damage is mold. Mold grows very easily in moist environments and can have serious health consequences. It can even affect the value of your home. To further complicate matters, mold isn’t always visible. A professional will have special equipment and techniques to detect mold. Further, they’ll know the proper way to kill the mold so that it doesn’t grow back.

Take Water Damage Seriously

South Florida can get large rainstorms so flooding is a very real possibility for many homeowners. It’s something that should be taken seriously. Consider taking out flood insurance, which is separate from homeowner’s insurance. Plan ahead so that you’re ready in case your house gets water damage.

And if you need help, from Davie to Delray Beach, contact Restoration Xperts in Deerfield Beach today for a free consultation.

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