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4 Helpful Tips to Prevent Wind Damage

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While you can't always avoid wind damage, there are some things you can do to protect your home from damage if high winds or a storm come barreling through.

Check out these 4 helpful tips to help prevent wind damage at your home.

1. Secure Outdoor Items

One thing that can go a long way in protecting your home is to secure your belongings. For example, did you leave the bicycles outside again when you have room in the garage?

You can be proactive by putting all of these items in their places. When you know high winds are expected, go ahead and make sure everything is put away or properly secured.

We know you might not be able to put away patio furniture, the grill, or other large items, but you can take steps to secure those when winds are expected.

Tie things down or move them inside if at all possible.

2. Keep Trees Trimmed

One of the biggest causes of wind damage is loose limbs from trees. This can include dead limbs. The wind has a way of finding all the loose or insecure pieces and pushing them where they shouldn't be.

Having your trees regularly trimmed and maintained might just be the saving grace that prevents that limb from falling on your roof, your car, or in your window.

The truth of the matter is high wind likes to fling branches. While you can't always predict winds or even every branch, you can maintain those trees and shrubs.

If you make a point of checking them annually, it might just make a difference. We recommend doing this before storm season hits to be prepared when the winds strike.

3. Fix Things

You know those shingles that have been loose forever and you just keep avoiding them? Or what about that fence plank that is loose and could come off at any time?

We know time is a challenge, but it's well worth it to avoid the aftermath of wind! You should plan to fix - or at least rig - these items so they won't be the cause of damage. Even a quick temporary fix right before a storm can make a difference.

These little things can sometimes lead to a domino effect. That small section of loose shingles could end up being half the roof. And that single plank of the fence could end up being the whole fence!

4. Know Weak Points

Finally, you can be proactive by understanding the weak points of your home. This goes well with number three, but it's focused on your overall home.

Does your roof have weak spots?

Do you have windows that are not very secure or may be in an area they are more likely to be hit? You can ask this same question for garages and doors as well.

If you are expecting a major storm, you might want to board up weak windows and doors. Try to keep things repaired and maintained to avoid these weak spots as much as possible.

Wind Damage Restoration

Despite your best efforts, it's still possible that the wind will leave behind damage that has to be taken care of. When these times happen, give Restoration Xperts a call. Our emergency hotline is available and we always come prepared.

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