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Where Should You Start with Flood Damage Repair?

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After a home floods and you finish getting rid of the water, you have to start working on flood damage repair. In most cases, you would probably use a professional restoration company to help through this process.

If you're looking around at the mess and wondering where to even begin, take a look at these steps to get you started.

Basic Cleanup and Inspection

It's a good idea to start with cleaning up some of the mess. This will give you the opportunity to inspect the damage further. As you clean up, throw out things that are heavily damaged and can't be restored.

You might need to tear up carpet, toss out furniture, and get rid of things that won't recover from water. Remove damaged items to make room for repairs and replacement.

Look around and determine just how much damage there is to deal with.

Don't Forget to Disinfect

One important element that people often neglect after water damage has occurred is disinfecting everywhere the water went. Water can contain harmful bacteria. Even when you know the exact source of the water, you still need to play it safe.

Before you get too involved in making repairs, make sure you disinfect all the affected areas. This will help remove any bacteria so the surfaces are safe to handle.

Is There Mold?

If you notice any signs of mold, don't mess with it. Mold must be handled with care every single time, preferably by a professional. Remove or remediate mold as quickly as possible. This helps prevent it from spreading, and helps protect the air in your home.

Do not handle the mold on your own. Only trained personnel can handle moldy materials properly. You don't want to risk missing any of the mold or setting spores loose in the air.

Flood Damage Repair Priority

You need to determine the order for repairs to happen. For example, is there any place in your home that is left vulnerable because of the water damage? What about anything that is presenting a safety issue?

Did the water damage affect your roof? If so, this might be the place to start. Repair your roof immediately. This prevents additional damage from exposed spaces in the roof.

If the water affected your foundation or your floors, this is a priority so that walking will be safe as well. Prioritize the repairs based on necessity and protection of the home.

Professional Restoration

We highly recommend that you bring in the professionals when dealing with flood damage repair. Professional restoration companies help you get rid of the water, clean up the mess, and then safely handle repairs that are needed.

Restoration Xperts is here to help. Our emergency hotline is available for your call any time, day or night. Our experts can be en route to you within 30 minutes in the South Florida area. We're here to help!

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