Returning to Florida and Finding a Water Damage or Mold Problem

This is the time of year in Florida when many part time residents return to their houses or condominiums, after they have been away for an extended period of time.  Sometimes they open the door to their home and have an unwelcome surprise. It is not unusual for us to get the call. Usually the surprise has something to do with water damage or mold, for the summer is the rainy season, and water intrusion may have occurred from any of multiple potential entry points.  In addition, water may have escaped from a broken pipe, malfunctioning toilet etc, and where there is water in a building, mold is likely to form in 2-3 days.

Water Damage

What happens next, is that if the water had not been dried properly, or not at all, there is the possibility of the humidity level in the dwelling being raised to the point of where mold growth can be supported on anything organic in the building.

Over the years, we have seen many situations where there is mold growth on flooring, walls, furniture, clothing, and anything else organic in a home.  Sometimes the scene is downright scary. The actual cause of the scene might be fairly minor, but the resultant damages can be major, sometimes requiring the disposal of contents, and the removal of walls, floor covering, cabinets etc., essentially a full blown mold remediation project.

Water damage in buildings is a common issue for Restoration Xperts to handle, and most of the time insurance policies cover the damages due to water, and the resultant mold. If the leaking of water has continued for an extended period of time, however, insurance companies will often deny coverage.  This leaves the property owner with a huge cleanup to handle on their own, or requires a qualified restoration company to handle the drying, remediation and repairs. This can be a huge expense for the property owner, and we have seen many scenarios where the property owners have sold their home at a distressed price rather than deal with all of the cleanup and reconstruction.

Restoration Xperts recommends that if you are going out of town for any length of time, that you have someone look in on your property, at least every 30 days, but preferably every 14 days.  This way, if there were an incident of some kind at your property, your insurance policy should cover the matter, and the amount of damages that occur would be limited.

Another wise action, would be to have a humidistat installed for you Air Conditioning system.  In this way, your AC will remove the excess moisture in your home, thus minimizing the mold growth potential.  Once again, high humidity alone can actually cause mold to grow on most everything.  A relative humidity level of 65% is considered the threshold, and ideally the relative humidity in your home should be kept below 60%.

The TEAM of Restoration Xperts has been handling restoration projects for more than 15 years. Their extensive experience, and local knowledge is an invaluable asset for prospective customers to utilize when handling a restoration project.  Whether it be a water damage loss, mold remediation project, fire damage repair, or structural restoration, the professionals at Restoration Xperts can help navigate through the process and put your property back to a pre-loss condition professionally and timely.

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