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My House Smells Like Mold

We have seen it many times.  An owner or family goes away for a period of time, whether a few days or a few weeks.  They return to their home to find that their home smells like mold.  There is

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Is Testing For Mold Always Required Before and After Remediation?

A common question from all parties related to a mold condition at a property loss, is “should we do a pre-test and a post remediation test for mold as part of a  remediation project”. The answer is not simple with

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Returning to Florida and Finding a Water Damage or Mold Problem

This is the time of year in Florida when many part time residents return to their houses or condominiums, after they have been away for an extended period of time.  Sometimes they open the door to their home and have

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Do I Have To Use A Contractor That An Insurance Company Referred To Me?

If you were to have a “Water Loss” or a “Fire” at your house, one of the first things that a property owner is probably going to ask, is “Who is going to do the repairs to my home?”. If

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Building Code Issues and The Restoration Contractor

The restoration of a property is sometimes accomplished with relative smooth scheduling and production, but often times, “building code” issues can add substantial delays to a project. The most common scenario that comes to mind, is when there is a

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Mold Contamination and Removal in South Florida

Mold in the home and workplace has become a hot topic for property owners everywhere, especially in Florida, where heat and humidity can encourage rapid growth of mold contamination. For mold to grow, three components are required: food, water, and

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How to deal with Serious Water Damage to your Home

Although many homeowners have remodeled a room in their home, perhaps a kitchen, bath, or another room, few have had the experience of dealing with a serious water damage incident, that may affect their entire home. How do they deal

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